ONBOARD® Performance Products

The ONBOARD® system was originally designed to drastically reduce waste oil production in large diesel engines, but it also provides impressive increases in fuel economy.

This product accomplishes what the industry has been trying to do for 100 years, truly remove the liquid contaminants from the motor oil. As you may know, liquids, not particulates, are responsible for over 70% of major engine damage.

Again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in being a dealer for ONBOARD® Performance Products!

Anthony Evans

ONBOARD Wants You!

ONBOARD® Wants You!

As a business owner with excellent customer service skills, you are always on the lookout for another income stream.

The ONBOARD® Dealer Advantage

If you are open to new, disruptive technologies… if structure and discipline are key ingredients to the success of your operation, then ONBOARD® may be just what you are looking for.

Easy to sell, simple to install! Your customers will be blown away by the savings on motor oil, fuel, DEF, and regen. Take advantage of this opportunity to be a ground floor distributor and installation center of this shockingly simple technology. Substantial profits from the sales and installations of ONBOARD® Systems could be yours.

You will be blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of this game-changing technology.

Simply fill out the application and we will contact you to begin the simple process.

Our minimum criteria are the following:

  1. Storefront
  2. Qualified technicians
  3. Service bays
  4. Mobile service capability (optional)
  5. Maintain minimum product inventory levels

Please feel free to contact Ron Hatfield. He can share the successes and unlimited potential this opportunity has achieved for them and how ONBOARD® has positively impacted his customers:

  • Ron Hatfield, Payson Diesel, Payson, UT (801) 465-4979
The 49er Travel Plaza Crew, Sacramento, California

The 49er Travel Plaza Crew, Sacramento, California