Utilizing Technology to increase Trucking Profitability

ONBOARD Installed

Whether one is an owner operator, independent or fleet owner, the major key to financial success within the trucking industry is to know what your operating costs are and utilizing the means available to reduce them.

The professional driver must approach his or her business by understanding key figures in maintaining a profitable business such as:

  1. Total Daily Fixed Cost
  2. Total Daily Operating Cost
  3. Variable Cost: CPM
  4. Total Operating Cost: CPM
  5. Fixed Monthly Cost
  6. Variable Monthly Cost
  7. Total Monthly Cost
  8. Total Yearly Operating Cost

For trucking business owners, unexpected maintenance costs or repairs can mean the difference between profit and loss. Successful owner operators will be the first to explain that maintaining proper equipment service is a major factor in running a profitable business. Another important aspect to running a business that will survive financially within an industry filled with regulatory bureaucracy is to take advantage of the most up-to-date and newest technology which enters the industry.

There is no disputing that oil is the “life blood” that keeps the engine running and that engine repairs can be the most costly of all maintenance expenses. With oil changes averaging between $250 and $350, it remains as a priority service if one expects to continue operating. However, this cost can be greatly reduced and overall profitability can increase by applying the most contemporary and state-of-the-art technology available such as ONBOARD® Oil Tech.

Onboard Oil Tech has developed a patented, two-stage system consisting of an A2 Refining Stage Filter and an ECVD Chamber, an acronym for Evaporation/Convection/Vacuum/Dehydration. Quite literally, space-age technology, the filter catches particulates down to 20 microns with a secondary filter catching smaller contaminants down to 3 microns.

This technology alone has proven to extend the life of the engine by 60 percent. The ECVD Chamber works as an onboard oil-refinery system and together, the technology not only increases engine performance, but significantly lowers regular maintenance costs as well. The system is even used by the rigs featured in the popular “Ice Road Truckers” series.

For the serious business owner looking to lower cost and increase profitability, utilizing the advancement in modern trucking technology is one way to achieve such goals.

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