Monthly Archive: March 2014


ONBOARD Manufacturing Facility in Mesa, AZ.

Preserve Technologies announces the rollout of the ONBOARD® ECVD System that significantly reduces oil and fuel consumption in buses and trucks.

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Lisa Kelly of Ice Road Truckers

Lisa Kelly of Ice Road Truckers.

Lisa Kelly is the perpetual underdog who always seems to pull through. Lisa lives by one rule: challenge herself to be the best she can be in this male-dominated field.

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Open Forum: Increase Fuel Efficiency Standards NPRM

ONBOARD on Open Forum

BlogTalkRadio hosted an Open Forum focusing on President Obama’s order for the DOT and EPA to develop and issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) by March 2015 to increase fuel efficiency standards for big trucks, while also calling for technological innovations and alternate fuels.

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Clean School Buses

More than half of today’s school buses have been in service for over a decade. These older buses lack today’s pollution control and safety features, and emit nearly twice as much pollution per mile as a semi-truck.

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