Monthly Archive: April 2015

Brent Ford has something to cheer about!

Brent Ford

Another Dodge with a 6.7 Cummins is running clean here in Austin, Texas. Brent Ford, who drives a Dodge, became the latest Austinite to take action in the battle for Clean Oil by protecting his engine from liquid and particulate contamination for the rest of his Ram 3500’s natural life!

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The Evil Of EGR On Diesel Engines

Your engine’s manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor is your little buddy. Buried somewhere in the stream of your charged intake air (usually in the manifold), it employs a little ceramic or silicone element that senses variations in manifold pressure.

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Inside Gearhead Oil Analysis

Gearhead Oil Analysis

For the first part in the Clean Oil Patrol Education Series, ONBOARD® takes you inside the Gearhead Oil Analysis Facility.

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Testimonial by Larry Green

Larry Green

Larry Green speaks to the advantages of the ONBOARD System from his position as Field and Product Specialist for Spectro Scientific.

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