Open Forum: Increase Fuel Efficiency Standards NPRM

ONBOARD on Open Forum

BlogTalkRadio hosted an Open Forum focusing on President Obama’s order for the DOT and EPA to develop and issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) by March 2015 to increase fuel efficiency standards for big trucks, while also calling for technological innovations and alternate fuels.

What will this new order mean for Owner Operators? Will they be able to meet the financial obligations? How can truck drivers influence the NPRM and can Owner Operators, fleets, meet the standards now?

Guests shared their insight into how meeting higher fuel efficiency standards will have an impact on the future of trucking.

Joining the conversation was be Mr. Samuel Burlum, CEO/President/Chairman of Extrem Energy Solution and Mr. Anthony Evans, Founder/COO of ONBOARD® Oil Technologies, Inc.

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