Travis on Lake Travis

Lake Travis

New ONBOARD customer strives to keep his local waterways clean by reducing waste oil generation in Austin, Texas!

Beautiful, 65 mile long, Lake Travis, just NW of Austin, has been essentially reduced to a river for almost seven years of extreme drought.

The month of May, 2015 was the wettest month ever recorded in Austin and our beautiful Lake Travis is up almost 35 feet since the beginning of the year jumping 30 feet in the month of May alone!

It is fitting that a guy named Travis decided to do his part to reduce his hydrocarbon footprint while driving his brand new super-sick Dodge RAM 3500 1 ton with a dual alternator equipped Cummins 6.7 liter power plant.

The ONBOARD LD vacuum dehydration system was installed on Travis’s truck June 8th. Better fuel efficiencies, lower emissions, less DEF usage, less time in REGEN, extended oil drain intervals, and ultimately longer service life from his new engine (from running clean oil every mile, every day), are now in his grasp.

Congrats to Travis for becoming the latest member of the Clean Oil Patrol! Enjoy the pictures of this super-clean, ONBOARD LD installation!

Stay tuned to follow updates on this and other ONBOARD installations!

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